Apr 222011

Looking for a little inspiration for your game?  How about sssssnakes?  It seems that snakes have been a part of every culture across the globe, most notably for their role in religeon and mythology, astronomy, cryptography, music, and film.  It only makes sense that the subject of snakes can have an impact on your game.

In the second week of May (9th – 15th), we’ll have a series of game inspiring, snake-themed articles.  A snake fighting style, snake trap, monster, and others will be posted as the week progresses.  So, put on your boots, step lightly, and learn a thing or three about about these 150 million year-old animals.  Then come back May 9th for some good old fashioned snake fun.

  • Snakes are not lizards.
  • Most have only one functional lung.
  • Their eyelids are permanently closed (their transparent eyelids).
  • Their length ranges from 4 inches to 28 feet.
  • A fossil was recently discovered measuring 49 feet!
  • There is a standing offer of $50,000 for a live, healthy snake over 30 feet long by the New York Zoological Society.  No attempt to claim this reward has ever been made.

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Chris Stevens

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  2 Responses to “Snakes Theme Week Coming Up (May 9th -15th)”

  1. Is it may 9th yet?

    Looking forward to it!

  2. […] had the pleasure of participating in the Snake Week Theme over at Stuffer Shack. They asked contributors for snake-themed articles. I assumed most people would discuss monsters […]

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