The SOTY Award – Schedule

  • April 10: Last day for Open Submissions (Wednesday).
  • April 11: No more submissions will be accepted.  The  RPG SOTY Staff will look over all submissions, placing them into one of four  random groups.
  • April 15 – 19: Reader voting!  On each day of this week (Monday – Thursday), one group of submissions will be posted. Each submission will have a small paragraph talking about that site, as well as two “must read” articles for everyone to check out.  Readers may vote through the Poll located at the bottom of each post.  Readers will have an opportunity to vote once per day, each day moving on to a new group.  Think of it as four different heats before the main race.
  • April 22: The four finalists will be posted, and the judges will have seven days to extensively evaluate each one of them.
  • April 29: The winner will be announced!

Updated – 4/14/13
SOTY Shield 2013

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The 2012 SOTY Award
The 2011 SOTY Award

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