Stuffer Shack’s Affiliate Program


~ Earn 10% on all sales ~

Our Affiliate Program gives you the power to create a professional online store, in minutes and without the need for programming skills, that can be embedded within your website.  Actually, it can be as easy as copy and paste, really.

Ok, so how does this work?

Very easily.

  1. You create a normal page on your website (you can name it “Store,” for example).
  2. I give you a code that you paste on that page.  This code has been generated by Ecwid e-commerce.
  3. Now you have an online store that looks almost exactly like the one here, on Stuffer Shack.  Readers can make purchases from your Store as they would from any online store, and you’ll earn a 10% commission on every one of those orders.  This really can be as simple as “fire and forget.”  Once you open your store you literally don’t need to do anything with it ever again.  It just sits on your website and accepts orders (depending on the amount of your traffic, of course).

How and when do I get paid?

  • I pay through Paypal, “The world’s most loved way to pay and get paid.”
  • I make payments within 48 hours of the order being made.  Most affiliate programs pay at least a month later to safeguard against refunds and fraudulent orders, but seeing as how I’ve never had that problem, I pay almost immediately.

Ok, how much am I going to make, really?

  • Really, it depends on how much traffic your site gets, as well as your store’s visibility.  We provide tips, tools, and promotions to help you achieve more sales.
  • Our smallest order has been $7.00, and our largest order has been $126.75.  As of this writing (first quarter of 2012), our average order has been $33.04.  So, even if you get just a single order in one month, you might expect your commission to be around $3.30, which is about $40 a year.

So, what’s available to help me make this work?

  • I will explain how to set up your store in detail.  It really is very easy.  It’s as easy as creating an “About” page.
  • I will provide you with images and banners of various sizes for you to display on your site (if you wish).  These really help in getting people to visit your store.
  • You will receive information about any new products that we are about to launch, in case you’d like to promote them, as well as any information pertaining to changes in our Store or products.
  • You’ll also receive discount coupons to promote to your readers.  These are generally good for 10 – 20% off, or Free Shipping.  If you had a particular promotion in mind, we’ll help you make it work, if we can.  Currently, we cannot offer promotions for specific products.
  • Finally, I am always available by email, and I always respond.

Ok, sounds good!  How do I get started?

If you’re ready to get started, or if you have more questions, use the form below to contact me.  Please include the website you’ll be placing your store on.  Thanks!

– Chris Stevens

A few last words from me…
I’ve made this affiliate program available because people asked me for it, and I set the commission at (a high) 10%.  Gamers consistently buy our products every month because our products are useful and fun – this program simply makes our products available to more gamers, and helps webmasters offset the cost of running their websites.

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