Bloodied Markers


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Bloodied Markers indicate which minis are bloodied.  This is especially useful because not only does the bloodied condition affect certain powers, but it is also apparent to combatants on the battlefield.


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  1. These gaming aides are AWESOME! I order the horses, counters, and bloodied markers last week, they arrived on time, and were a hit on game night!

    Do you have the availablity to make different colors and letters? Several of the character classes in D&D have their own marks or curses they apply to their targets. Would it be possible to get a marker set with assorted colors (green for Ranger, blue for Paladin, purple for Warlock, etc…) or a set of status affects (not different colors, maybe white to distinguish from the others but different letters, Z for sleep, S for stunned, P for poisoned, etc…)? I wouldn’t need a set of 10 markers for each class, since most can onlyl affect a single target at a time, but sets of 4 would be nice.
    Thanks for bringing such great products to the market! Keep up the great work!

  2. Thank you, sir, for the kind words! I’m glad your group found them useful.

    A while back I almost created a whole set for D&D 4E conditions and marks, but that was just too much of a daunting task – especially since so many gamers would want different sets of this and that. I figured it would be easier as the individual special orders came. – I don’t mind at all.

    Using the little plugs with sticky tack, I can get you anything you need. The plugs can be any normal color, with any letters/numbers you want, with as many pieces as you want. The price would be the same as if you bought normal counters and markers.

    Just email me with exactly what you want, and I’ll put it together. Red, black, green, yellow, blue, etc. all work fine.

    Also, soon I will be posting colored plastic arrows (red, blue, green, and yellow, I think). These would be great for marks from different types of characters (red for warlock, green for ranger, etc.).

    Go ahead and email me, and we’ll make it happen. Thanks!

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