Exotic Mounts


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Exotic Mounts are cool, because they set your character apart from the masses.  Drakes, griffons, bears, bison, unicorns, giant wolves, and others are just waiting to charge into battle!

  • Exotic Mounts are attached to laser-cut, 2-inch clear acrylic bases, glossed black.
  • Each mount is large-sized, pre-painted, and comes with sticky tack for your mount’s rider.


Tourqen Panther

Golden Drake



Giant Kodiak



White Wolf

Amber Drake

Blue Drake


Our Store has expanded! Click here for the new Store and new products!

  15 Responses to “Exotic Mounts”

  1. These figs are outstanding, Great for a change pace for an adventure

  2. Thanks bud. I agree, how cool would it be to ride into town on the back of a Chimera, or Giant Panther?

  3. By the way; thanks for the Minotaur, it works well for the PC Krynn race

  4. […] mount.  Plus, Stuffer Shack offers a wonderful variety of 12 horse mount miniatures and 10 exotic mount minis right now – with special room made for your own PC mini on the mount base.  (Thanks Dillon […]

  5. Any chance you will be adding other exotic mounts such as a boar?

  6. Hey Thomas, a boar has been on my list of things to add, but I haven’t found one yet that fits the Shack. I’ll keep looking, though…

  7. I have been looking for a boar too. It would be a great addition. Also I am looking for a raptor for the Halfling from the plains of Ebberon.

  8. I second the request for a Raptor and maybe a Pteranadon.

    I would also like to see some aquatic mounts – shark, dolphin, octopus, etc.

    And there’s a whole range of African animals you haven’t done yet – Rhino, Hippo, Ostrich (Axebeak)

    I’m going to need a second job soon 🙂

  9. Ha! I actually have a rhino, but wasn’t sure if anyone would want it! Comin’ up!

  10. Bit of a problen – I’m both impressed and slightly annoyed, browsing in a local toy section of a store I found the source of the fig for your mounts – http://www.safariltd.com. impressed by your ingenuity, and annoyed by my toy geekyness for NOT finding these myself. good job at converting these for “gaming”

  11. My wife is a craft/scrapbooking fanatic. So while I was with her in a craft store I found the horses and made the mounts. They had chipboard bases, and worked really well for our home game, but weren’t solid enough for selling and shipping. I almost scrapped the whole project, but I found some acrylic bases that have worked out really well.

    I only wish I could find smaller animals for halfling and gnome characters. They need smaller mounts!

  12. Actually… as far as scale goes, the griffon fig (in my use) to scale of other griffons in production is in scale to smaller races – I’ve been calling it a kittyhawk (sorry not really my name for it – out of an old gaming pub) half hawk/puma or similar cross. The TOOB dog line might also answer this.

  13. Would you be willing to do a camel? I know the Toobs folks have a bactrian camel, which is actually the type my character has. If so, would it be the same price as above?

  14. @ 1958Fury

    You’re awesome, as always!

    @ Mike Brislawn

    Mike, you have perfect timing. I’m about to expand our store, and Camel Exotic Mounts are going to be included. Actually, I’ll send you an email right now to get your address so I can send a Camel to you on Wednesday.

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