Horse Minis


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Horse Minis are simply awesome. Let your players choose their Horse Mini, then have them stick their miniatures to their horses. Tactics change once characters take up more space (2×2) and end up moving faster.

  • Horses attached to laser-cut, 2-inch clear acrylic bases, glossed black.
  • Each Horse Mini is large-sized, pre-painted, and comes with sticky tack for your horse’s rider.


Our Store has expanded! Click here for the new Store and new products!




Hot to Trot

Secret Weapon


Stand Tall


Mud Killer

Too Pretty



Our Store has expanded! Click here for the new Store and new products!

  29 Responses to “Horse Minis”

  1. these horses look amazing, and i like how they are set to one side to allow room for a character. it’s something that wizards of the coast didn’t think of! i would love to order a set or two of these, however, i do not have a paypal account. is there other means in which i could purchase these from you? they are simply too good of an item for my campaign to pass up!

  2. From what I understand, you don’t need a paypal account; you can make a payment through Paypal with just a credit card. If I’m wrong about that, you could send a check or money order (you can get a money order from the 7-11 store, if I remember). I’ll email you to find out exactly what you’d like.


  3. I recieved my 2 sets today, and i cannot express how impressed i am. they work and fit perfectly, and are the right scale to all my other miniatures for D&D. I think what i like the best is the wide variety of size and type of horse that are included. i have everything from smaller light horses, to the huge hairy fetlocked budwieser horses!

    I bought these expecting an acceptable model for a horse, and ended up with miniatures that are capable of reflecting the personality of their rider, wether it be simple farmor, or a full plate covered knight. These are absolutely perfect.

  4. Thank you, sir, for the kind words!

  5. I would like to buy the horse mini kit.
    Do you ship to Canada?
    How much would it cost for two kit+shipping.

    Thank you

  6. Thank you for the inquiry.

    Shipping to Canada is relatively cheap. It’s about the same price as Priority shipping in the U.S. (it’s just that First Class International shipping will take a week or more to get to you).

  7. I recently bought some of these and I love them.

    First off, I want to applaud you on your super-fast shipping. My current campaign has a lot of horseback riding in it. I ordered the minis thinking we’d use them in a few sessions, and worried that we wouldn’t still be riding horses by then. I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived just a few days after I ordered them, making it in time for the very next session.

    The sculpts are great, and I love the variety. We have something fitting for every member of the party. The Paladin has his majestic steed (“Stand Tall”), and the Halfling Monk has her pony (“Secret Weapon”).

    The little balls of sticky-tack were appreciated but unnecessary; I removed the sticky-tack and the minis still stayed on just fine no matter how we moved the horses around the board.

    A minor complaint, one of my horses (“Stallion”) arrived with one of his ears broken off. I don’t want a replacement or anything, as it actually fits the character who rides him. But you might want to keep that in mind in your shipping procedures.

    Note, I gave you a nod in my blog, here:

  8. @1958Fury –

    Thank you for the kind words!

    I’m totally sorry about the broken off ear. I have a small pile of horses with defects that don’t make it into the regular orders – I guess that one slipped through. I humbly apologize.

    Also, I totally dig your website. I’ve never seen it before, so I think I’ve got some catching up to do.

    And thanks for the shout out!

  9. How can I get one of each horse? These minis are gorgeous!! 🙂

  10. @Matthew Sims

    Easy! We can simply add a few extra dollars to your bill. That way you can get all 12 horses. I’ll email you for specifics.

  11. I just sent you an e-mail w/specifics.

  12. Thank you for the fast shipping. The horse figs. are outstanding, I should make good use during my next play session. The mini counters will come in handy too! (BG)

  13. @DJ Brown

    You’re welcome, and thank you.

  14. I’m might be interested in all 12 as well.

  15. These are awesome. We used them in our Gamma World game tonight to great effect. They don’t just go well for Fantasy games people. You never know when somebody is going to need a horse to ride.

  16. It’s a good collection if you really love horses.

  17. Okay, so first of all, when I ordered my herd of 12 horses, either I messed up or Paypal did and I wound up with duplicate orders (for two herds total). That didn’t matter, though, because Tourq proactively contacted me and fixed the problem lickety-split. That was customer service above and beyond the call, right from the get-go.

    Secondly, the horses arrived quickly and just when Tourq said they would, and in perfect shape.

    Thirdly, the product is nicely done – a good variety of attractive figures, well made.

    Finally, I brought them to my last Pathfinder session. Our stingy DM, who doesn’t like us to have anything, finally let us get enough loot to buy some rides, so this was my contribution to the celebration. Although the party tried to be too cool for school when I laid them out, they were soon fighting over who got the black stallion and who didn’t and so on. Using the minis in that first encounter that evening really helped organize the combat – especially when a troll beat the black stallion to death with his club to kick things off.

    (I did say our DM doesn’t like us to have anything.)

    Anyway: great product, great service, and a great guy. Thanks!

  18. Awwwe shucks!

    I’m really glad everybody likes the horses (and other stuff). I think these are really cool and add an extra something to the game. So why not share them?

    I remember way back when I first introduced the horses and mini counters to our game. Just like Walaka said, everyone was like, “That’s cool, I guess,” and then not two minutes later everyone was fighting over who got what!

  19. I was wondering if you also had medium sized “ponies” available

  20. @ Michael – thanks for the inquiry!

    The only Horse Mini that we have that will fit on a 1-inch base is Secret Weapon (and it only barely fits). If you wanted it to show that it has a rider, you’d have to put the sticky tack on the horse’s back, instead of on the base. It should work just fine, as long as you’re okay with it not looking like the other Horse Minis.

    If you’re interested in purchasing some Horse Minis with a medium-sized pony, simply order what you want, and I’ll throw in the medium-sized Secret Weapon for free. Just let us know here in the comments how it works out.

  21. They are nice looking minis, but if they are meant to be used as mounts, why no saddle, blanket and bridle? You could get away with this for a rather romantic fantasy campaign, but not for anything military or historical. Nice figs, but you might want to think about making a few this way, and seeing if they sell.

  22. Ha! Horses for a romantic fantasy campaign??? That’s new!

    Um, well, we’ve sold hundreds of horses, so I guess that’s quite a lot of romantic fantasy campaigns going on…

    In all seriousness, though, thanks for the compliment. I saw the video you guys have on Lead Adventure Forum, and that’s pretty cool.

    We don’t actually make our horses. We order and paint the discs, then attach those to the horses. There’s one or two horses with saddles that we could make available, but they’re more expensive to acquire, so we haven’t rushed to set it up yet.

    I might be motivated to set that up sooner if anyone showed an interest…?

  23. Rmantic in the sense of “The Worm Ouroboros”, not in the sense of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” 😉

  24. BTW, I put a link to your website in the info on that vid. I think your price is a little high, and say so, but, overall, it is a very nice product.

  25. Ah, “The Worm Ouroboros.” I’ll have to check that out.

    As for the prices, believe me, I price them as low as possible, and there are discounts for ordering multiples. I occasionally look for ways of reducing the price, but the supplies are simply going to cost me what they cost.

    Don’t forget, though, that I pay for all shipping in the U.S.

    Also, thanks for the link, and the compliment.

    I’ll tell you what, if you’re interested in getting some of the products from our store, I’ll give you a discount in exchange for an article or two…?

  26. Sure. I confess that I am primarily a 15mm gamer, but I often use 25-28mm stuff to represent gargantuan creatures, over-sized terrain and buildings, etc.

    Send me a fig or two and I’ll make a vid. Just email me, and we’ll talk.

  27. Camels? A bit obscure, maybe, but any chance?

  28. Absolutely! I’m planning on putting up some camels very soon. Stay tuned!

  29. I’m wondering if you sell just the bases as I can already buy these horses and ponies in prepackage sleeves at Hobby Lobby for like 5 bucks, I just need the bases. Do you sell those seperate?

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