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Track your enemies and monsters with ease.  Mini Counters are probably the most useful of the gaming accessories that we have.  They easily stick to your miniatures, and are small enough to be out of the way, yet large enough to handle easily.  No more, “Wait, is that the guy that’s taken 26 damage, or the guy that’s stunned?”

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  1. Hey – I just got these and they look great.

    Any chance you will come out with them in other colors, like green, blue, yellow or red? The reason I ask is that often I have multiple factions of minis in a skirmish and having more than just “basic black” to choose from would surely enhance the value of the mini counters — not to mention that you’d likely sell more.

    STEAL THIS IDEA, please!

    Jonathan Chappell

  2. Absolutely! Just let me know exactly what you want, and I’ll make it happen – I try to accommodate just about every request.

    I recommend that the paper top remains white and the numbers remain black (that’s the easiest for people to read), leaving the bases to be whatever *normal* colors you’d like. Of course, you can ask for just about anything, in any combination.

    Also, if you wanted to change the structure of the numbers, you can. For instance, if you bought 20 Mini Counters, you could have four sets of 1-5, instead of two sets of 1-10 (or whatever), and each set could be a different color.

    Just let me know exactly what you’d like, and I’ll make it happen.

  3. That would be excellent. I’d recommend going with the non-red primary colors to avoid confusion with your “bloodied” makers. How about blue, green, yellow, orange, and purple?

    As for me personally, I’d buy a set of 20 in blue first, then possible a set of 20 in green later. I just received the black ones in the mail last week. They look great!

    One last question: does the putty dry up or lose it’s stickiness over time? If so, is there an easy way to replace it without damaging the markers?

    Oh yeah – one last thought.

    The putty is red colored, but the base and the markers are black. Is there black putty out there? It might look sharper and more transparent than the default red color.

  4. We’ve been using the same markers/counters for two years, and haven’t had any problems. I imagine that eventually the putty might collect some dust, making them less sticky. But this isn’t a problem because you can get sticky putty from any craft store (probably even Wal-Mart). You can easily pull it off the old counters no problem.

    As for different colors for the putty, I’ve only seen orange and yellow, though I haven’t really looked for others.

    Thanks for the input! I hope you guys find them useful.

  5. I’m looking to get 20:

    1-15 with black bases,
    16-20 with red bases.

    Is this possible?


  6. Absolutely. Thank you for the inquiry.

    In the dropdown menu, select “One set (numbered 1-20),” and I’ll mail the counters in 24 hours.


  7. I dig the mini counters and use them for GURPS tactical combat. In GURPS, combatants can experience temporary “shock” from taking damage. So I ordered mini counters with negative numbers to show how much of a penalty a creature gets from shock. I also ordered counters with just the letter “H” on them. This signifies a weakened state where the creature’s ability to move and defend has been halved.

  8. These are one of the most useful gaming items I have seen in a long time. They make tracking bad guys a lot easier. Because my campaign is on a pirate ship, it is not uncommon for players to have crew with them. We have tried color coding each player’s +1’s with tabs unsuccessfully, so I ordered 1-5 of green, purple, orange, yellow, red, and blue, and then 20 black and 20 white. They look great and are packaged well, and have already been useful. I give this product a 10 out of 10.
    I also bought all the mounts, which are awesome. The exotic mounts are very cool.

  9. @ A.N. and Cormac –

    Thanks for the comments, guys! I was wondering how you two were using the Mini Counters. I’m glad they’re working out for you.

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