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Gnome Stew

Gnome Stew is the 2013 RPG Site of the Year Winner!

SOTY Shield 2013 Gnome Stew is a powerhouse of a gaming blog, and their win is well-deserved.  Congratulations!  You win the prizes (below), the SOTY Shield, and the title of 2013 RPG Site of the Year!

Some words on the finalists, in no particular order…

On Gnome Stew: Gnome Stew has a good layout that’s easy to view and use. It has interesting articles right off the bat, you don’t have to hunt around for anything, and and it’s all relevant to running a game. It simply feels like a useful gaming site should. -C. R. Nelson (plus, I really like the name!)

On G*M*S Magazine: “I don’t always agree with the reviews on this site, but they always show that the reviewer read, understood and thought about the product before reviewing. It should be the norm in the world of reviews. Consistency and ease of navigation  makes this a diamond among other exceptionally shiny gems.”  -Brian Liberge

On Age of Ravens: “A varied and well-written site with lengthy and insightful content.  The author devotes a lot of effort to craft well-researched and interesting posts.  Providing you like the topic of a particular post, this blog will deliver the goods.  If you don’t like a given post, just wait a few days and another post will appear.  Given the wide range of content, you’re unlikely to wait long before something of interest is available.” -Adam Bragg

On Kobold Press: “The first thing I see when I click on Kobold Press is a clean and appealing layout.  After that, a steady stream of interesting articles just keeps flowing, the kind that grab and hold my attention.  Reading what the mighty kobolds put out is like going on internet vacation – it’s just where I like to go to read good content.” -Chris Stevens

On Nearly Enough Dice: “I’m never sure how to rate a podcast. Luckily, Nearly Enough Dice does a lot more than just podcasts. The episodes I saw were good, but I also enjoyed the coverage (and the breadth of the hobby) that they gave with their updates.” -Anthony Laffan


The RPG Site of the Year contest was created with three goals in mind:

  1. To bring to light some interesting blogs that readers may not have seen before,
  2. To provide a fun event that readers and bloggers can take part in,
  3. And to award that one gaming blog for a job very well done.

I think we have hit all three marks again, and I have to say that it’s been a blast.

Please take a moment to visit the fantastic sponsors of this year’s SOTY contest, and then check out the prizes below.  Gnome Stew wins the lot, but all of the finalists receive PDFs of Strands of Fate and Strands of Power!

The Gamer Effect


Alea Tools


Roving Band of Misfits

Beer Star Games

Chaotic Shiny

the prizes

From VOIDSTAR, a hardcover and PDF of NOVA PRAXIS, and PDFs of STRANDS OF FATE and STRANDS OF POWER. Also, all of the finalists will receive PDFs of both Strands books!


DriveThruRPG has provided a $50 Gift Certificate.

STUFFER SHACK is providing our Deluxe Adventurer’s Bundle.

Mini Counters 1-20
10 Bloodied Markers
All 12 Horse Minis

Dice Tower from Roving Band of Misfits

Dice Tower

Gamma World Deck of Many Things from Roving Band of Misfits

Gamma World Deck of Many Things

Beer Star Games is providing Pulp! Fantasy: Estia the Isle of Giants

Beer Star Games is also providing the new Estia Card Deck

And several awesome goodies from Alea Tools.

Alea Tools Prizes

Please take a few moments to look over the blogs that have participated this year. They may not have won the title, but they each have special topics and RPG content readily available… and you may just find YOUR favorite RPG blog among them…

  1. Epic RPG Blog
  2. The Rule Zero Podcast
  3. Big Ball of No Fun
  4. DM Fiat
  5. Shortymonster
  6. Age of Ravens – Finalist
  7. Kobold Press – Finalist
  8. Geek Native
  9. G*M*S Magazine – Finalist
  10. Game Masters
  11. The Black Campbell
  12. Gnome Stew
  13. Hereticwerks
  14. Dungeon’s Master
  15. Troll in the Corner
  16. Nearly Enough Dice Podcast – Finalist
  17. Glimm’s Workshop
  18. Cheese Shop

SOTY Shield 2013

Introduction / FAQ

The 2012 SOTY Award
The 2011 SOTY Award

More awesomeness...

Chris Stevens

In Chris's opinion, the very best vices are dirt bikes, rock music, and gaming, while the very best medicine is fatherhood. If he could just learn to balance them all, he'd live forever. He's much more creative than intelligent, often wakes up belligerent, and ponders many things insignificant. Lastly, in an effort to transform his well-fed body, P90X, Roller Blades, and Food are all laughing at him. And the pain continues.

  4 Responses to “The 2013 RPG Site of the Year Winner is…”

  1. Thanks to everyone who voted for Gnome Stew in the nomination round, and to the judges who picked us as the winner! This was a fun surprise. We’re thrilled!

  2. This really was a cool contest. I especially like how it brings attention to a variety of blogs. Will there ever different categories or podium finishes?

  3. Congratulations to Gnome Stew! and thank you to everyone who participated (entries, voters, and judges).

    @ Anonymous Charlie: There will always be only one category: the winner! – simple and sweet!

  4. Congrats to Gnome Stew! This was a great contest you held, Chris! Awesome, job! 😉

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