Feb 272012

There’s a brand new print magazine for fans of tabletop gaming!

The Call to Assembly is the latest project from the Gamer Assembly, gathering material from their blog and abroad into a quality print magazine! You can get your own copy printed on demand from Lulu for 7.99 plus shipping. You can also get the PDF version at no charge at all from Drive Thru RPG! It’s perfect for your tablet browsing, and features the same high-quality formatting.

Issue 1 focuses on Cherished Gamer Memories as well as the new (system neutral) setting of 3 Generations After the End. Be sure to look out for some bonus articles as well, including one from StufferShack.com!

The Gamer Assembly is a collection of artists, writers and gaming enthusiasts who have come together in friendship and support of each other on the web. For more regular content check out the wiki page, the IRC Chat or our blog.

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Brian Liberge

Brian Liberge is a father of one, living in Boston, MA. Introduced to AD&D at an early age, he’s continued to update with the editions, and new games. He loves home-brewed ideas, is honest to a fault, and thinks that ideas and mechanics should absolutely be shared between systems. With a B.S. Degree in Theatre Arts, a job in Information Technology, and a love of strategy gaming, he tries to bring the best of each into his new creations for StufferShack. Check out his latest book the Midgard Bestiary for 4e, available now. Profile Page / Article Portfolio

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