Jun 192010

Sorry, but my WordPress “upgrade” blew up my theme.  Everything is still here (posts and pages), but I have to hunt for a new theme (damn it! I liked that one!).  Hold tight, it’ll get done within a couple of hours.

But hey, the contest is still open!  See the post below.

More awesomeness...

Chris Stevens

In Chris's opinion, the very best vices are dirt bikes, rock music, and gaming, while the very best medicine is fatherhood. If he could just learn to balance them all, he'd live forever. He's much more creative than intelligent, often wakes up belligerent, and ponders many things insignificant. Lastly, in an effort to transform his well-fed body, P90X, Roller Blades, and Food are all laughing at him. And the pain continues.

  4 Responses to “WORDPRESS 3.0 BLEW UP MY THEME – DANG IT!”

  1. Nice theme 😉

  2. Great minds think alike, no?

  3. WordPress, or a critical failure on your “Manage Blog” skill check?
    Good luck getting it squared away.


  4. For several days I saw the link to “Upgrade to WordPress 3.0 Now,” but I ignored it because I just had this feeling. Then I went and did it and found that my theme wasn’t supported by it. Ah well, this one’s working out for me – just a lot of formatting to do.

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