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The Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Game may have been cancelled but there are lots of books still out there to be purchased and games to be played. The core of the system is also available in the Cortex Plus Hacker’s Guide. So with that in mind I’m preparing a few new Marvel Datafiles.

3-D Man doesn’t need a cool visor!

First up is the 3-D Man. Delroy Garrett is the modern incarnation of the 1950s hero of the same name. He is perhaps more well known as the Avenger Triathlon, but took on the name 3-D Man right before the Secret Invasion. He is a critical player in the Secret Invasion story line, but was a supporting player through many other marvel moments. This version is actually post the Secret Invasion iteration but it won’t take much to switch it up for other events.

To use him in the Marvel Breakout Scenario change his name to Triathlon, reduce his senses to d8, and Drop the See The True Dimension SFX. In Civil War he had sided with Captain America’s Resistance, but his history with deception working against him would be more than enough to justify a Pro-Registration Stance. During the Initiative he spends some time at Camp Hammond before being assigned as leader of the Point Men in Hawaii. It is at this point that he takes the 3-D Man name and gains his power to pierce disguise via the original 3-D Man’s glasses.

Use the sheet as is at that point. You can add the Gear Limit, specific to the SFX, but by the end of the Secret War arc he discovers he had the power all along, and the glasses just helped him focus.

You can read about Bishop on the Marvel Wiki. Grab the PDF or Word Doc of this file.

3-DMan (Word) 3-DMan (PDF) 3-DMan

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  1. Thanks for keeping up with these. If a system is to survive it needs new infusions. How soon until we see a new superhero game put together by fans using the C+ License?

  2. Hey Bill!

    You can use the Fantasy heroic rules in the Cortex Hackers Guide to keep playing supers games if for some reason you didn’t want to use the straight Marvel rules. From talking to other fans I wouldn’t hold my breath on a new game. People are less than thrilled with the licence

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