Scott Fairley

Scott is a writer and theatre director from Canada. He lives in Hamilton with his wife and guitars, and can also be found on both Twitter and his personal blog.

Why I’m Pro-Batfleck

 Posted by on February 2, 2014  Filed as: Editorial  3 Responses »  Topic(s): ,
Feb 022014
Why I'm Pro-Batfleck

Sometimes we can be a difficult group to please. And it makes sense. Whenever you take a franchise with multiple decades of history and mythology behind it and try to change it, those changes will inevitably rub some people the wrong way…

What can you Kickstart?

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Dec 092013
What can you Kickstart?

The history of financing independent films is certainly an interesting one. To finance his first feature, El Mariachi, Robert Rodrigez signed up for a series of medical experiments, some of which he still bears the scars from. Kevin Smith financed Clerks by signing up for a slew of credit cards, all maxed out during the production of the film. Presumably, they were later paid off in full…