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Oct 182012

If you happen to be following the current releases from Margaret Weiss Productions, you’re probably right in the middle of a Civil War campaign. There have already been three supplements released for this event and it has provided a wealth of new datafiles for the Marvel universe. So much so that I really haven’t been creating new datafiles myself.

Civil War: X-Men is slated for a January release and it will present the mutant side of the conflict. The only issue is that my players want mutants now! I’ve managed to skirt around a few, but Bishop is just too huge a part of this event to wait for.

This version of Bishop is specifically for Civil War. He does have his traditional Plasma Rifle, but he does not yet have his cybernetic arm.

You can read about Bishop on the Marvel Wiki. Grab the PDF or Word Doc of this file.

You can download the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying PDF here, or get the book!

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