3D Terrain that is 70% off…

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Jun 062016
3D Terrain that is 70% off...

If you know me, you know that I like 3D terrain, especially when the price is low and the awesome is high.  For the next day, the Ravenfell Core Set is 70% off (just $4.49).  To be honest, I think it’s still a great deal at full price, though.  The cool thing about Fat Dragon terrain is that you can print it out over and [Read the article]

Mar 122015
3D Fantasy City Buildings - Comparing Your Options

Dwarven Forge’s City Builder Kickstarter just launched. It looks awesome and as someone who has already invested heavily in Dwarven Forge dungeons and caves and I’ve already pledged. But, the high cost is giving me second thoughts. To help calm my worries, I will review four different types of terrain that I own and use to decide whether this kickstarter really is worth it for me (for Dwarven Forge, I’ll use their caves and dungeons as [Read the article]

Game Prep – Making Figure Flats for Your Game

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Feb 222015
Game Prep - Making Figure Flats for Your Game

While I played using the “theatre of the mind” for many years, I have always been a visual person and with the advent of pre-painted miniatures and, more importantly, singles at very affordable prices, I have moved increasingly toward using map tiles and miniatures  where possible. Even with a pretty good selection of miniatures covering a wide range of genres though, I still run into the problem [Read the article]

Aug 082013
The best 3D Terrain is back for the weekend at 50% off!

So a while back I posted about a castle I put together using Fat Dragon downloadable terrain (and I think we can all agree that I love 3D terrain).  Imagine my elation when I got an email saying that Fat Dragon was bringing back some of their retired terrain!  I have several of their products (including most of their Expansion Sets and several of their [Read the article]

Jan 282012
"I push him over the ledge!" ...3D Terrain!

How many times have you been sitting at the table of a role-playing game and thought, “Hey, this is actually pretty freaking cool. I haven’t had this much fun in quite a while”?  It happens from time to time, and hopefully more often than not. I remember the first time that happened with Dungeons & Dragons 4E.  I built “The Shrine” quite hastily (pictured right) [Read the article]

RPG Cartography – A touch of 3D

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Apr 012011
RPG Cartography - A touch of 3D

So… the Shack has been online for about a year, but this is our first time participating in the RPG Carnival – mostly because we’re slow, but partly because the topic of RPG Cartography really got our attention.  So, we just had to contribute.  Oh yeah, the Carnival’s host for this topic is also our Site of the Month! Make sure you stop by A Character for Every Game, [Read the article]