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Nov 302012

Here’s a long overdue reader request. The Cybermen for D&D 4e is one of our more popular articles on Stuffer Shack. With all my Marvel Heroic playing, Christopher Hatty was hoping I had Cortex+ Stats. Well it’s been a long time coming, but here it is.

These stats are specifically for the new series cybermen from the alternate dimension. If you compare the stat block below with the MK II stats for 4e, they may not look very similar. This is really a result of the way the two systems play. In 4e your powers need to be very clear for quick, tactical play. In Cortex+ combat tends to be a lot more free and abilities are more loosely governed. The end result means I’m able to give the Cortex+ Cybermen more abilities.

Weapon can be used to represent any of the weapon variants used on the show including Energy Wrist Blasters, Hidden Tranquiler Darts, or even armored hands (in conjunction with strength). Carried weapons are better represented by a tech or combat resource.

I hope you enjoy!

You can read about Cybermen on the TARDIS Wiki. Grab the PDF or Word Doc of this file.

You can download the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying PDF here, or get the book!

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