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Nov 022011

They say the clothes make the man. This is of course, ridiculous. Imagine clothes making people! Don’t be absurd. However, sometimes a key article can make the man all the more exciting, inspiring or creative. Clothes are fun, especially when there’s magic involved. Nobody knows the value of a proper accessory more then the Doctor. With the recent season closer, we present to you a couple of his most famous chapeaus, to inject a little fun into your game.

The Doctor’s Fez A truncated cone of red felt the Doctor’s Fez represents history, authority and fun. The Doctor has had multiple fez’ in his travels, and they seem to be exceptionally useful. They have been used to keep multiple versions of the same person separate, help track continuity when rapidly time traveling and attributed to ability to come up with plans (or lack thereof when the fez is missing).

The true power behind these examples is the fez’ ability to inspire options. When your wearing the fez, you always have one more trick up your sleeve, even when it seems you’ve tried everything.

The Doctor’s Stetson Stetson is actually a company that has made many hats over the years but they have become almost synonymous with their cowboy hats. The Doctor’s history with the hat is much shorter, but a strong one. This hat urged the Doctor forward, making power choices and taking action. That’s not to say that a man wearing a Stetson can’t have a little fun, but things might get a little rash at times.

Items Without Levels While these items have clearly useful mechanics, they are meant to encourage fun at the game table. Their powers are general enough that they could be introduced at early levels but would still be useful at Epic. They can be used as treasure of any level, depending on what you need to fill your treasure table. Be sure to note the level the item was given at. Should the hat be destroyed several levels later, you may wish to adjust future treasure slightly to make up for residiuum gained.

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  1. These are clever! Don’t know if I’ll use them in my current game but I’m definitely going to add them to my Power2ool desktop for later reference!

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