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Bobby Drake is a pivotal hero in the Marvel Universe. He was on the very first X-men team, and has remained a key character ever since. Even when not on an active X-Men team, he soon found himself involved with the Champions, Defenders and X-Factor.

One of his key personality traits is that he’s very open with his emotions. It’s easy to tell when he’s comfortable, upset, or attracted to another individual. Many have interpreted this an immaturity, but Bobby can be one of the most grounded heroes around, especially in a fight.

Speaking of being in a fight, he’s also an immensely powerful mutant. He was selected as one of The Twelve who would shape the history of the planet. He’s survived missing limbs and a hole in his chest. He’s also managed to turn to vapor and back. The only problem is that he’s not really confident in the limits of his own power. Other people have shown him what he can do, but (for the most part) he’s holding back. It’s reflected on his sheet by a few d10s and the Unleashed SFX.

In my House of M campaign, he’s serving as a horseman of Apocalypse, but the heroes will have the opportunity to wake him up and recruit him onto their team.

You can can read his full history on the Marvel Wiki. You can also download this sheet as a Word Doc or PDF.

You can download the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying PDF here, or get the book! You can also check out the rest of our Marvel Madness!

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