Madame Hydra and the Hand

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May 142012

It may seem like an odd pairing, but this grouping is ripped from the pages of New Avengers. If you’re going to continue the events as they roughly happened after the Break Out! Mini Event, then you’ll soon find these two in Japan, helping to set the stage for Secret Invasion way down the line.

Madame Hydra is a near ageless villain devoted to, you guessed it, Hydra. She’s been a constant villain of Captain America, The Avengers, Spider-Man, the X-Men, and was even once married to Wolverine!

The Hand is an order of ninjas who worship a demon. They’ve actual come into conflict with Madame Hydra before (a fact that heroes could try to exploit), and they have a very rich history with Daredevil.

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These are Watcher files, as opposed to my last two files. Heroes might try to redeem Madame Hydra and unlock her with XP. Feel free to edit the file, following the instructions in the Marvel Basic game, and make sure to remove the Hand from the sheet. They are their own mob (not a sidekick power set), no matter how much your player begs.

This is my first dual stat page, so let me know what you think! Download the Word file or PDF File.

You can download the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying PDF here, or get the book! You can also check out the rest of our Marvel Madness!

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