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Feb 112015

There isn’t much music out there about the hobby that we all love, so when some does come along, it deserves a shout out. The Angryfolk Band have released a new album of gaming songs, Once Upon a Tavern. Note that this isn’t isn’t background music for games, but rather songs about tabletop gaming.



The Band features Stu from the Happyjacks RPG podcast, giving it true gamer streetcred. Stu has put together some awesome songs and here’s some of my favourites from this new album and their previous album, Let Me Tell You About My Character:

Plan B: This is my favourite. A folksy song that tells the universal story of players who rarely make a plan B when they go into action, no matter what genre or setting, only to be wiped out and have to figure one out after the fact.

Game Con: This would be my second favourite. It’s trucker “convoy” type song, but this time, it’s guys going to a gaming convention. It’s the perfect song to play on the road to a con.

Min Maxed: A dance/techno song about having a min-maxed character. Something only a gamer would appreciate. Perfect for the munchkin in your party. Warning though, it is explicit.

I Storked It: This is a great refrain about failing a critical roll. The name comes from one of the players who is called Stork and invariably rolls terribly. So much so, that his name has become synonymous with failing a roll.

Throw Down the Crit: A reggae number about the need to get a good roll.

Check them out and enjoy! Also, please let us know if you have your own favourite tabletop RPG music, we’d love to hear about it.

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