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Jonathan is a firm believer that the best way to make friends is to game with them, and that nearly any problem can be surmounted with a well rolled d20 and a sense of humor. Regrettably, his professors do not agree with him, which leaves him with the challenge of balancing his gaming habits with his studies. Profile Page / Article Portfolio

Dec 292014
Dragon Age Thrillogy: Inquisition Reviewed

Dragon Age: Inquisition has a lot riding on it, no doubt of that. As the third entry in the Dragon Age saga, continuing the story of the fan favorite Dragon Age: Origins and the underrated follow up Dragon Age 2: The Sequel (no that is not the actual title come on guys), Inquisition has a solid foundation to build on. The question is, can it [Read the article]

SMITE: My Current Obsession

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Apr 092014
SMITE: My Current Obsession

For the last few months I’ve been delving in and out of the MOBA genre looking for something that can scratch the particular itch for online competition and recurring fun. I think I may have found it…