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My name is Mark Cookman and I love games. I have played and reviewed more than 65 Different Zombie Games. I wrote the zombie apocalypse campaign supplement book Welcome to Mortiston, USA. I search out useful sites, tips, and tricks for Tabletop GM's in The Pirate GM's News. I am also the chief cook and bottle washer for a small press RPG publisher called Black Shark Enterprises

Aug 092016
College of the Tree Singers, for the D&D 5e Bard Class

Bards that join the College of the Tree Singers [PDF] have an affinity for both music and nature. They seek to learn the ancient and sacred stories and songs of the forests, as well as to preserve these tales and melodies for future generations. Most of the bards who are drawn to this college are elves and half-elves, but the college discriminates against no one [Read the article]

Don’t just kill a zombie, blow their head off!!!

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Sep 032012
Don't just kill a zombie, blow their head off!!!

I love RPG’s and I especially love playing zombie games.  And… I have played quite a few of them.  One of the problems that I have come across with zombies is that there is often nothing cool to do with a PC’s critical hit.  I mean, if hitting the zombie in the head means it dies, then a critical hit just does it better, right?  [Read the article]