Aug 262016
Flakka Outbreak - Steal this Shadowrun...

The group’s favorite Johnson helped someone bring in some new drugs into the city… super cheap and super killer. Everyone wants it. The only problem is that some of its users go freakin insane, including the dealer who owns it. All the negative attention is making things real dirty, and the Johnson is looking to wash his hands of the whole mess. The problem is [Read the article]

Arkham Halloween Free PDF Download

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Oct 122015
Arkham Halloween Free PDF Download

My favourite day of the year is Halloween and horror is my favourite RPG genre. So, it’s probably not surprising that I generally run something horror themed around Halloween. Very often, I create something original to run for Halloween. Last year I created Arkham Halloween, a scenario in which you play ten year olds on Halloween night, intent on investigating a creepy old guy and his [Read the article]

Jun 122015
Spirit of 77 RPG - Review and Scenario

I had the chance to try out Spirit of 77, a funky 1970’s tabletop role-playing game. I had backed the kickstarter back last fall and thought it would be fun for my Victoria group of friends. As it turned out, although I already had the pdf, my hardcopy arrived in the mail the day before our game. The game is described by its creators as follows: Spirit of 77 is an [Read the article]

Aug 232013

The zombie movie fans were quick to jump to the wrong conclusion, and governments had spent far too long trying to calm the populace down with misinformation to be taken seriously once they knew the truth. It started as so many movies – both great and terrible – did; a few isolated incidents of what could have been an outbreak of an almost supernatural plague [Read the article]

May 032013
Pilfer this Cyberpunk plot seed - Red Planet Revolution

I’ve been thinking about Mars quite a lot lately, and not just because of the recent Mars rover images that got mentioned on my podcast. And this is just one idea I’ve had for a game that can be played on the Red Planet. Rumours of sedition coming from Mars haven’t sparked that much interest to those making their livings on the streets of earth. [Read the article]

Apr 302013
Pilfer this Lovecraftian plot seed: Murder Incorporated.

Unlike previous posts, that are either stand alone adventures or encounters that can easily be slotted into an existing game, this is the first adventure of a complete campaign. What the rest of the campaign could turn into is up to the GM, but for me I can’t help but add a healthy amount of the occult to this historical plot. The Summer of ’34 [Read the article]

Apr 202013
Pilfer this Fantasy plot seed: The Midnight Priest

It happens to all adventuring parties at some point in their travels. They’re crossing vast expanses of land and find villages, settlements, and even cities that might not be on their map, and find strange customs within. Things that are normal, regular and day to day for its inhabitants, but to strangers seem dark and weird. This is one such encounter… According to the map, [Read the article]

Apr 132013
Pilfer this Post-Apocalyptic plot seed. The Tower

This comes after playing the Fallout games quite a lot. I know I was a few years late to the party, but they really do offer a lot in terms of inspiration. It has been decades since the Event. Most of humanity was destroyed, and the culture it spawned went with it. Those few who survived took a large backwards leap and resorted to other [Read the article]

Apr 052013
Pilfer this Science Fiction plot seed: Waking up

Welcome back everyone! Something a bit sci-fi for you all this week, but based on my own interests, I can easily see how this one could easily be used as inspiration for a deep future Lovecraftian game too. Whatever you choose to use it for, I hope you enjoy it. The crew were all in Deep Sleep. It was the only way that any kind [Read the article]

Mar 292013
Pilfer this Lovecraftian plot seed: From Beneath Cratendune

This works in any reasonably contemporary setting that includes elements of Lovecraftian horror. It will not be dealing with the larger themes of an uncaring universe and massive elder gods who could snuff out the stars on a whim, instead it touches more on the more personal horror of the unknown and explainable. And monsters. The artificial lake was created decades ago, and a small town sat in [Read the article]