Mar 132017

Olympus Inc., a modern day setting for Savage Worlds written by Gilbert Gallo and Charles White (produced by Fabled Environments), is a setting in which the world is controlled by shadow groups. These groups are very powerful, and exert their influence to further their own goals. Unlike most worldwide corporate conglomerates, however, this power does not simply come from significant wealth and connections. In Olympus Inc, the power comes from the deities of the Ancient Greek pantheon. Continue reading »

Part of my Kickstarter Process

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Mar 082017
Part of my Kickstarter Process

I’m currently engaged in my 10th Kickstarter campaign at the moment. It’s a project called Trinity of Awesome Returns! A lot of people have asked me about what all goes into my Kickstarters; like, how do you get from the initial idea (step A) all the way to fulfillment (step Z)? Well, as you can imagine from the space between the first and last letters [Read the article]

Mar 042017
GM Screen / Narrative Aid for Shadowrun: Anarchy

Shadowrun: Anarchy is the new, rules-light, narrative-focused, alternate ruleset for the world of Shadowrun (You can read my review Here). It allows GMs and players to get into the action and intrigue of Shadowrun much faster and to stay there much longer without reference to rules and charts and extensive calculations of Shadowrun 5th Ed. There are rules, however light, and every game with rules [Read the article]

Feb 222017
Shadowrun: Anarchy Threats... Sorted Out (PDF!)

In a recent review of CGL’s new Shadowrun: Anarchy, I pointed out that the cast of NPCs published therein were best used as inspiration for your own cast of NPC threats. There were issues with balance, utility, and playability that needed to be resolved before I pit them against my players. In this article, I submit to you the set of NPCs that I have [Read the article]

Making Undead Scarier, Part 4: The Lich!

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Feb 132017
Making Undead Scarier, Part 4: The Lich!

Liches are common threats found in many types of RPG games. Unfortunately, it’s far too easy for the GM to roleplay them in a simplistic manner, as simple monsters to vanquish, giving them no backstory or interest, and an opportunity for world building is lost. But by making them unique, giving them unfamiliar and difficult to destroy phylacteries, giving them unique places to find them, [Read the article]

Feb 062017
Character Connection = Player Satisfaction

It’s throwback-time, where we revisit an awesome article from years ago… I don’t think I’m being overly presumptuous when I say that most, if not all gamers want to play a great character.  I’m not necessarily talking about playing some super powerful, mega bad-ass; I’m talking about a character that is something more than just a collection of stats and abilities running around doing stuff. [Read the article]

Fostering Trust In Your Players

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Jan 212017
Fostering Trust In Your Players

It’s throwback-time, where we revisit an awesome article from years ago… I have not played in many groups.  That stands to reason that I have also not experienced many GMs.  However, even with this shortfall, I feel that I have learned, like tons, from my current GM, which has made me appreciate “the game” more and more.  One thing that is just such a breath of fresh [Read the article]

Jan 162017
Maximum Tool’age, for running the BEST gaming sessions…

In order to make the best furniture that they can, a carpenter learns how to use several different tools, and then puts those tools in their toolbox.  When woodworking, they simply pull out the tools that best help them get the job done – and with a greater selection of tools to choose from, they’ll make a better quality product. It’s the same thing for [Read the article]

Jan 122017
What's the Opposite of Optimized?

It’s Throwback-Thursday, where we revisit an awesome article from years ago… I find devoted (read as, crazy) power gamers perfectly adorable.  It’s funny how they will spend so much time reading rules, seeking synergy, and comparing characters on message boards.  The goal, as far as I can tell, is to make sure that the stats, attacks, damage, and checks are all as humongous as possible.  [Read the article]