May 242016

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Dec 312015

82513-thumb140This winter, my gaming group is exploring adventures from the now-defunct third edition of Warhammer Fantasy Role-play series using my own custom “Warhammer World” game system. The system has been working well for us, already working on the third revision, but for this review, I will be reviewing The Winds of Change adventure from the perspective of how much fun it could be for your own table, game system aside.

Summary: This is one of my favourite urban fantasy adventures, featuring an evocative setting, engaging NPCs and a thrilling mystery.

There are spoilers below, so if you might play it, don’t ruin your fun!

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Adventure RPG for Kids 6-8 Years Old

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Dec 222015

The Adventure GameAs a long-time gamer and a father of a six year old daughter, I’ve been wanting to introduce her to role-playing games for a long six years, and although I’ve tried a couple times rolling dice with her to decide where the story we’re telling goes, I hadn’t tried running an actual game for her and her friends, until now.

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Oct 122015

CostumesMy favourite day of the year is Halloween and horror is my favourite RPG genre. So, it’s probably not surprising that I generally run something horror themed around Halloween. Very often, I create something original to run for Halloween.

Last year I created Arkham Halloween, a scenario in which you play ten year olds on Halloween night, intent on investigating a creepy old guy and his strange old house. I was able to run it a couple times and had a great time.

It’s designed for one night’s play, about three to four hours and is yours for this Halloween to enjoy. Continue reading »