Jul 072014
Loose Ends - Steal this Trap

This is an entry for a contest – tell us about one of your traps…!

In one of my Shadowrun campaigns, I had the PCs hired to demolish a manufacturing facility outside of the Pullyup barrens. When they arrived, they discovered that several of the Johnsons that they had been working for had gotten together and agreed that now was a good time to tie up some loose ends. Just guess what those “loose ends” were….

Jun 262014
Not The Gold Standard

For this month, I was going to spill some ink about earning XP for finding treasure. I had nearly 2,000 words in place, all ready to go. Something else, however, had been stomping around in my little attic and making so much noise, I felt compelled to go upstairs to find out what it was. So here we go. The post that I did not intend to write…