Dec 292014
Dragon Age Thrillogy: Inquisition Reviewed

Dragon Age: Inquisition has a lot riding on it, no doubt of that. As the third entry in the Dragon Age saga, continuing the story of the fan favorite Dragon Age: Origins and the underrated follow up Dragon Age 2: The Sequel (no that is not the actual title come on guys), Inquisition has a solid foundation to build on. The question is, can it

Dec 172014
The Loreshapers Tabletop Game Design Contest!

The Loreshapers Tabletop Game Design Contest is about making fun tabletop roleplaying games for the masses. The contest has two parts, a 24-hour game component and a 72-hour game component. Stuffer Shack is sponsoring the contest, which means we’re providing two prizes (gift cards to either Amazon, DrivethruRPG, or our very own Store). The contest theme will be announced on January 1st  here in the

Dec 102014
(Digital?) Storytelling: Lessons from Interactive Fiction and Tabletop Gaming

Only a year or two after I started GM’ing seriously, I got involved in Interactive Fiction (often abbreviated as “IF”) writing with a cyberpunk adventure game called Orchestra. My crummy setting naming skills and limitations of the platform I was building it on notwithstanding, it received generally positive feedback from the people who came to play it, and the things that players recounted to me

Nov 182014
Gunston Croan, the Ex-Hellknight Scrapper - Steal this Background

As a young lad, Gunston Croan couldn’t wait to join the Order of the Pike. In fact, he AND his brother trained like fiends to become Hellknights. When the order came looking for “volunteers,” the paralictor nearly choked on his own spit as he saw the two brothers eagerly step forward. Soon after training began, Gunston started having second thoughts – sparring against a summoned devil was not his idea of how a lawful order should operate. Regardless, there was no way out – he would just have to deal with it…