Nov 282017

“Plague City is a side-plot, intended to occur in the background of a longer campaign. The events will sneak up on the PCs, becoming more relevant as time goes on – until they can no longer avoid its effects. If they are lucky, they can avoid the consequences of a deadly plague. If they’re heroes, they’ll face the undead vampire causing it…”

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Nov 302017
ARCHIVER Issue 2 has just published.  Get it for free!

ARCHIVER Issue 2 has just published. What is Archiver, you ask?  Well, let me tell you! A lot of RPG websites have a lot of old (but great) articles, but those articles can become forgotten, lost to time. Stuffer Shack is no different. So, we’re putting together a collection, an anthology that brings those lost articles back to life. It’s a way for old content [Read the article]

My Kickstarter Process, Revisited

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Nov 222017
My Kickstarter Process, Revisited

I’ve just completed my 13th Kickstarter. It’s a location-based adventure called Gamma Turquoise: Santa Fe Starport. So, just wanted to dispense a little more wisdom from my wealth of crowd-funding experience. You can read my previous article here. The following is a checklist of things you should keep in mind before you kickstart an RPG project of your very own… Assuming you’ve created an outline [Read the article]

A New RPG Blogging Network… rpgSPOTLIGHT

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Oct 302017
A New RPG Blogging Network... rpgSPOTLIGHT

When I first got into blogging several years ago, I found the concept of a blogging network to be really cool.  I got to find and read several other blogs dedicated to gaming, while drawing in visitors to my site as well.  It just kind of felt cool to be a part of something, right from the get-go. Then the network that I joined stopped [Read the article]

Halloween Sale at DriveThruRPG

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Oct 232017
Halloween Sale at DriveThruRPG

Do you like buying things at a discount?  DriveThruRPG is having a Halloween Holiday Sale.  BILLIONS (billions?) of downloadable horror-themed products have been marked down by over 30%, including our Truly Terrifying Vampires (it’s about $2 right now).  Or, here is a link to peruse all of the horror-themed items for sale.  Happy haunting!

Don’t Touch My Dice!

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Oct 172017
Don't Touch My Dice!

Across the folding table John tossed his d20, this was an important roll. It caught on his finger and went high into the air. The die came down, hit the edge of the Player’s Handbook open in front of him, and shot across the table towards me. Reflexively, I dropped my forearm along the edge of the table to keep it from continuing its runaway [Read the article]

A Brand New 30 Year Old Franchise: The Dark Eye

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Oct 102017
A Brand New 30 Year Old Franchise: The Dark Eye

Many refer to The Dark Eye as Germany’s Dungeons and Dragons. It is a fantasy RPG featuring elves, mages, dwarves, and all the typical things one might expect from a fantasy RPG, and until recently, it was only offered in German. In November of 2016, however, the 5th edition of the game was translated into English, allowing thousands to finally dig in to the system [Read the article]

Oct 042017
Damn.  $528 Bundle for only $25.  Let's help with Hurricane Relief.

106 products for only $25.  That’s 95% off.  Need we say more? “Puerto Rico was devastated by Hurricane Maria a few short weeks ago, and is in dire need of humanitarian assistance and relief. We’ve organized this bundle to provide what help we can. The proceeds for this bundle will be going entirely to GlobalGiving’s Puerto Rico and Caribbean Hurricane Relief Fund.” Also, if you [Read the article]

Oct 032017
Interview with Venger Satanis.  Also, a $500 Contest!

Venger Satanis does not shy away from the controversial… He is the author of Alpha Blue, an RPG that places sexual themes into a spotlight, and his new Adventure Writing Like a Fucking Boss puts an expletive directly into the title of each book. Regardless, his distinctive style provides content for a niche in the RPG industry that most RPG authors leave empty, and Venger [Read the article]