Aug 262016


The group’s favorite Johnson helped someone bring in some new drugs into the city… super cheap and super killer. Everyone wants it. The only problem is that some of its users go freakin insane, including the dealer who owns it. All the negative attention is making things real dirty, and the Johnson is looking to wash his hands of the whole mess. The problem is that he still has a ton of the product locked up, waiting to be sold. Rivals want to steal it, the Johnson wants to dump it, and Lone Star wants to find the Johnson responsible.

The players are asked to get to the stuff as fast as they can and get rid of it, before someone else finds it, and before Lone Star connects the drug to the Johnson. The problem is, he’s tapped all out of cash at the moment. Call it a favor that he won’t forget.

Aug 212016
#RPGaDAY 21 2016 – Preferred Method of Character Improvement

I’m going with an alternative question for today’s #RPGaDay question because I frankly can’t think of a funny misinterpretation. Of course Monty Haul campaigns are in and of themselves misinterpretations of the intent (and rules) of the game, but that’s about all I can think of. For the alternative question, my preferred method of character improvement through experience points, but very loosely applied experience. I tend [Read the article]