Aug 282015
#RPGaDay2015: Favourite Game I No Longer Play

Day 28 of RPGaDay asks what was my favourite game that I no longer play? There are so many games that I no longer play to pick from, this is again a very tough choice. As I think over the various games though, the one that I come back to that I miss the most would have to be Mouse Guard. Although I never played the actual game system, [Read the article]

Aug 282015
#RPGaDay2015: Favourite Idea for Merging Two Games Into One

On day 27 of RPGaDay, the question is what is my favourite idea for merging two games into one? Although pretty much my whole gaming life has been spent merging ideas from different games together, the most recent one that has intrigued me the most was combining the tactical fun of the X-Wing Miniatures Game and a Star Wars RPG for the ground action and intrigue. One of [Read the article]

Aug 262015
#RPGaDay2015: Favourite Inspiration for My Game

Day 26 of RPGaDay asks, what is my favourite inspiration for my game? As others have pointed out here, here and here, there’s no one favourite inspiration that anyone has, as there are so many sources for different times and different games. The question doesn’t make much sense and even if I narrow it down to what is my favourite source of inspiration for my games, this is still too [Read the article]

Aug 252015
#RPGaDay2015: Favourite Revolutionary Game Mechanic

Day 25 of RPGaDay asks, what is my favourite revolutionary game mechanic? Just as I listed the other day, I would say that four revolutionary game mechanics that I really like would be: Apocalypse Engine’s task resolution system, Gumshoe’s Skill Point Spends, D&D 5e’s Advantage/Disadvantage and Savage World’s card-based Initiative system. My favourite of these would have to be the Apocalypse Engine’s task resolution system. I’ve raved about it [Read the article]

Aug 242015
#RPGaDay2015: Favourite House Rule

Day 24 of RPGaDay asks, what is my favourite house rule? I’ve experimented with various ways to determine initiative over the years, including not using initiative at all (as per the Apocalypse Engine), but my preferred method is dealing cards as per Savage Worlds. It changes things up every round, so that sometimes someone gets to go twice in a row and predictability is out the window, but [Read the article]

Aug 232015
#RPGaDay2015: Perfect Game for Me

RPGaDay asks for day 23, what is my perfect game? The perfect game for me doesn’t exist and I hope never will. Ever since my earliest gaming days, I have been designing my own games and can’t help tinkering with game systems when I run them. I don’t think I’m unique in that and believe that game masters should adjust games to best reflect their own and their [Read the article]

Aug 212015
#RPGaDay2015: Favourite RPG Setting

For day 21 of RPGaDay, the question is what is my favourite RPG setting? I’d have to say Warhammer Fantasy Role-play is my favourite RPG setting. It’s Lovecraftian Fantasy. I can run a wide range of adventures in the setting and it’s one that works with my horror-loving sensibilities.    

Aug 212015
#RPGaDay2015: Favourite Horror RPG

Day 20 of RPGaDay asks what is my favourite horror RPG? Easily, Trail of Cthulhu is my current favourite. I like how the Gumshoe system works, and it fits perfectly with the genre. I grew up with Call of Cthulhu adventures, but never felt fully comfortable with the game system, so it was a delight to find a game with mechanics that mesh so well with the setting. It remains [Read the article]

Aug 192015
#RPGaDay2015: Favourite Supers RPG

For day 19 of RPGaDay, the question is what is my favourite Supers RPG? This isn’t a tough one because of so many options, it’s difficult to answer because I really haven’t played many Supers RPGs through the years, nor do I own very many. It’s just not a genre I play or run much. As mentioned before, I did get really excited about Marvel Heroic a couple [Read the article]