Dec 312015

82513-thumb140This winter, my gaming group is exploring adventures from the now-defunct third edition of Warhammer Fantasy Role-play series using my own custom “Warhammer World” game system. The system has been working well for us, already working on the third revision, but for this review, I will be reviewing The Winds of Change adventure from the perspective of how much fun it could be for your own table, game system aside.

Summary: This is one of my favourite urban fantasy adventures, featuring an evocative setting, engaging NPCs and a thrilling mystery.

There are spoilers below, so if you might play it, don’t ruin your fun!

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Adventure RPG for Kids 6-8 Years Old

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Dec 222015

The Adventure GameAs a long-time gamer and a father of a six year old daughter, I’ve been wanting to introduce her to role-playing games for a long six years, and although I’ve tried a couple times rolling dice with her to decide where the story we’re telling goes, I hadn’t tried running an actual game for her and her friends, until now.

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Oct 122015

CostumesMy favourite day of the year is Halloween and horror is my favourite RPG genre. So, it’s probably not surprising that I generally run something horror themed around Halloween. Very often, I create something original to run for Halloween.

Last year I created Arkham Halloween, a scenario in which you play ten year olds on Halloween night, intent on investigating a creepy old guy and his strange old house. I was able to run it a couple times and had a great time.

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Fantasy Without THE Fantasy Races

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Sep 222015

Elf“Let me tell you about my new fantasy roleplaying setting, it has a nation of artistic and noble Elves that live in hidden fortresses deep in old growth forests, to the north are the ancient Dwarven strongholds carved deep into the mountains, along the coast are the 20 human kingdoms, built upon the ruins of an empire that fell thousands of years before recorded history began…” blah, blah, blah…

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Sep 132015

GrapplingLet’s talk about the rules of Fight Club. Or rather, since we’re not supposed to talk about Fight Club, let’s talk about grappling rules in RPGs.

Every game covers unarmed combat, which is often stated as the base damage you can inflict without adding weapon damage, but how to quantify and adjudicate grappling in games is either glossed over completely or wrapped up in a confusing morass of rules. Let’s try to find a way to make grappling rules that are fun and fast. Continue reading »