Mar 202015

I have bought one superhero game in my 30+ years of gaming – Marvel Heroic Roleplaying. It’s just not a genre I’ve been into in the past, but it was the darling RPG of the year and everyone was raving about it. I jumped on the bandwagon, encouraged by the narrative game play that the game promised. And it delivered to some extent. The problem

Mar 182015
Confessions of a Kickstarter Junkie: March's Roundup

Here are a few kick-starters that I’m backing and that you might want to check out: Uncharted Worlds: A Space Opera Roleplaying Game (ends March 20) A space opera tabletop rpg of exploration, combat, politics and commerce across the stars. I’ll cover this one first as it’s ending very early. Generally, I’m hesitant to buy into new game systems without knowing them, but this one is powered by D. Vincent Baker’s Apocalypse

Mar 122015
3D Fantasy City Buildings - Comparing Your Options

Dwarven Forge’s City Builder Kickstarter just launched. It looks awesome and as someone who has already invested heavily in Dwarven Forge dungeons and caves and I’ve already pledged. But, the high cost is giving me second thoughts. To help calm my worries, I will review four different types of terrain that I own and use to decide whether this kickstarter really is worth it for me (for Dwarven Forge, I’ll use their caves and dungeons as

Mar 092015
Gaming Life: GottaCon 2015

Recently I attended the GottaCon in beautiful Victoria, BC, Canada. It’s the 7th convention they’ve held and it’s dedicated to gaming of all kinds, but for me it was all about the RPGs. The convention itself was held at the beautiful Victoria Convention Centre after it’s early beginnings in the gyms of recreation centres. With over 3000 attendees, the convention has even spilled over into the adjacent Crystal Gardens, where

Feb 222015
Game Prep - Making Figure Flats for Your Game

While I played using the “theatre of the mind” for many years, I have always been a visual person and with the advent of pre-painted miniatures and, more importantly, singles at very affordable prices, I have moved increasingly toward using map tiles and miniatures  where possible. Even with a pretty good selection of miniatures covering a wide range of genres though, I still run into the problem

Feb 202015
Gaming Life: Return to War of the Dead Campaign Session 3 - Bennies A'Burning

Having survived a helicopter crash, escaped Augusta, Georgia in an SUV, and successfully fought off a biker gang attack, we find the loved ones of our main heroes continuing on the road to Atlanta, Georgia, and the main HQ of the CDC. You can find Session 1 here and Session 2 here. Tonight’s session begins with our group finding a pile up blocking the highway. They decide

Feb 182015
Confessions of a Kickstarter Junkie: February's Roundup

Here are a few kick-starters that I’m backing and that you might want to check out: Wilderness Adventures 28mm Scale Fantasy Gaming Terrain (ends Feb 23) I love Fat Dragon Games’ stuff and have backed their kickstarters in the past. This one is for a whole lot of 3D outdoor terrain for your game. For just $60, you can get deserts, swamps, highlands, woodlands, forest ruins, a sphinx,

Feb 172015
Adding a Second Track to One Sheets in Your Game

For the second time, I had to run a game last minute and used a Deadlands Reloaded One Sheet from the Pinnacle website. The advantage to these short adventures is that they are free, they work well for a short session (3-4 hours), there are dozens of them for a variety of Pinnacle’s games, they are self-contained and contain pretty much everything you need to

Feb 142015
Last Minute Cancellations of One Player - What Do you Do?

The other night was supposed to be the next chapter in our War of the Dead campaign, but sickness prevented one of our players from making it. He let me know that morning and I spent a while debating whether to go ahead without him or run something different. The next chapter starts out with a bang and I didn’t want him to miss out or have