Jul 012016

Savage Worlds Character Creation Checklist v2So… With the expectation to always find better tools for gaming, and with more Savage Worlds on the horizon, I have decided to do a thing.

When I was first learning Savage as a whole (which happened to be the last time we all played Rippers), I found a sheet that the GM printed out (and has continued to make available) has been immeasurably helpful. This sheet is the “Savage Worlds Character Creation Checklist,” by Terry Whisenant.  It is something that the players in our group have been using for years, but (for my tastes) there have been just a few simple things that I always wished for.  So… I added them.

I now present to you… the Character Creation Checklist v2 – (white background) and… the Rippers version!

The genius of D6 (and why you should try it)

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Jun 272016
The genius of D6 (and why you should try it)

I have a special place in my heart for the D6 system… To give a very brief summary, the D6 system measures attributes, skills, and equipment modifiers in a number of d6 dice. All of these dice are combined into a “Dice Pool” that is rolled for a total added value – against a set difficulty number.  That’s it. This simple system has been repeatedly [Read the article]

Jun 222016
Want to earn $10 blogging about RPGs?

Want to earn money doing what you love?  …because we pay $ for your gaming articles.  Period. On this site, we have a gaming store where we sell cool things, and we share the profits with the authors who post here.  I appreciate the work that authors put into the articles – and I simply want to give something back.  It’s not a couple of [Read the article]

Jun 212016
A "Who am I?" Quicksheet for memorable & unique characters

So I was hanging out over at Guild Master Gaming, and I saw that Daniel had posted “A Tip to Help Create Player Characters and Non-Player Characters.”  I liked the idea and whipped up a quick character trait sheet for my own games  You can hand this to players and tell them to fill it out as they desire, or you can use it for [Read the article]

Expanding on We Be Goblins!

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Jun 172016
Expanding on We Be Goblins!

With Free RPG Day coming up this weekend, I thought I would comment on one of my favourite picks – Paizo’s We Be Goblins! adventures. As mentioned previously, I really enjoy these adventures and have had a great time running them for my friends. This year, I’ll be looking forward to picking up the We B4 Goblins adventure from Paizo. In these adventures, you play goblins called upon to perform great [Read the article]

An Adventure Template

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Jun 122016
An Adventure Template

[This template will be included in Universal Exploits, an upcoming supplement for Alpha Blue. Kickstarter happening now] Few Space Dungeon Masters out there are as free-wheeling as myself. I like to have a general idea of what’s going to happen or maybe a few key random tables at my fingertips, but that’s pretty much it. I don’t do much planning – especially for a “space [Read the article]

3D Terrain that is 70% off…

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Jun 062016
3D Terrain that is 70% off...

If you know me, you know that I like 3D terrain, especially when the price is low and the awesome is high.  For the next day, the Ravenfell Core Set is 70% off (just $4.49).  To be honest, I think it’s still a great deal at full price, though.  The cool thing about Fat Dragon terrain is that you can print it out over and [Read the article]