Kickstart The Warren

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Jul 202015
Kickstart The Warren

Instead of a regular Kickstarter round up, I’m going to focus in on one of the two kickstarters I’m backing this month. The first, which I won’t spend much time on, is the Reaper Miniature Bones III kickstarter. I’ve backed the two previous ones and this one is again looking to be a blockbuster. Check it out if you like minis and have time to [Read the article]

My Battle Map Wish List

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Jul 192015
My Battle Map Wish List

As you may have noticed, I really like to use visuals in my games and aside from the 3D terrain (which is great!), I love great-looking colour maps, particularly battle maps (maps with the 1″ squares marked out.) It’s not that I’m a big wargamer or D&D 4e aficionado. I’m not stuck to the grid, but it helps me and my players figure out distances easily. I’ve [Read the article]

Jul 122015
Game Design: The Strange Case of Intimidation

There are a small set of skills that tend to recur in almost every game, as they represent common tactics and approaches that players use in games. One of them is intimidation – representing under various names (coercion, threats, etc), the skill of being able to get others to do what you want through threats or power. While most skills comfortably sit in one of the [Read the article]

Jul 102015
Gaming Life: Warhammer World – Session 5 – An Eye for an Eye

Our final session of the Eye for an Eye adventure brings our heroes together in the library of Lord Aschaffenberg’s hunting lodge in the Reikswald Forest. Brought here by fate, they were enlisted to help the Aschaffenberg uncover what is wrong with the staff of this newly acquired property. They soon discovered some kind of conspiracy involving some of the staff being drugged. Having failed to [Read the article]

Jun 212015
Gaming Life: Warhammer World – Session 4 – Let's Split Up!

We pick up this session with our heroes at a feast in a hunting lodge deep in the Reikswald Forest. They have just accused their host’s staff of being part of some kind of cult and attempting to poison them. While this might well have been true, they unfortunately had no proof of these heinous accusations, so their host, Lord Aschaffenberg, was outraged and ordered them to leave at first [Read the article]

Free RPG Day Today!

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Jun 192015
Free RPG Day Today!

Today is Free RPG Day! Established in 2007, Free RPG Day works with participating hobby game retailers and RPG publishers to bring new and exclusive RPG quickstart rules and adventure modules into the hands of gamers. This year, I’ll be watching for four items in particular: We Be Goblins Free! by Paizo: This is the third instalment in the We Be Goblins! series. Though I have to admit [Read the article]

Jun 182015
Spirit of 77 Encore, Review Follow Up and Another Scenario!

My Victoria gaming group asked for an encore of Spirit of 77 and I was happy to oblige them, giving another chance to check out the game. This time, we had five player characters (pictured below) Hugh Mungus, a Good Ol’ Boy who’s One Bad Mother looking for Thrills Rex Cranium, a Vigilante who’s a Former Badge looking for Paybac Jackie Chung, a Kung Fu Tough [Read the article]

Jun 172015
Gaming Life: Warhammer World – Session 3 – The Plot Thickens

We pick up with our group as they continue their investigations into the mysterious hunting lodge staff. Hired by the new lord of the lodge to find proof about what is afflicting the staff, they had just about finished interviewing the guards and the burgher and performer go search the gardens some more, but only find signs that it was not kept well for some time. Looking back at [Read the article]

Jun 122015
Spirit of 77 RPG - Review and Scenario

I had the chance to try out Spirit of 77, a funky 1970’s tabletop role-playing game. I had backed the kickstarter back last fall and thought it would be fun for my Victoria group of friends. As it turned out, although I already had the pdf, my hardcopy arrived in the mail the day before our game. The game is described by its creators as follows: Spirit of 77 is an [Read the article]