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Sep 122017
Shadowrun Anarchy - Using Node Maps (the way to go)

Shadowrun: Anarchy (hardcopy, PDF) is the narrative-heavy, shared-storytelling, alternate ruleset for Shadowrun. Among other differences, it has a non-traditional, abstracted movement system that lends itself to “theatre of the mind” style encounters, more-so than a lot of other RPGs. The GM and players don’t need to know how many meters/squares away a shooter is; she is either Close, Near, or Far. During a player’s Narration, [Read the article]

Mar 042017
GM Screen / Narrative Aid for Shadowrun: Anarchy

Shadowrun: Anarchy is the new, rules-light, narrative-focused, alternate ruleset for the world of Shadowrun (You can read my review Here). It allows GMs and players to get into the action and intrigue of Shadowrun much faster and to stay there much longer without reference to rules and charts and extensive calculations of Shadowrun 5th Ed. There are rules, however light, and every game with rules [Read the article]

Feb 222017
Shadowrun: Anarchy Threats... Sorted Out (PDF!)

In a recent review of CGL’s new Shadowrun: Anarchy, I pointed out that the cast of NPCs published therein were best used as inspiration for your own cast of NPC threats. There were issues with balance, utility, and playability that needed to be resolved before I pit them against my players. In this article, I submit to you the set of NPCs that I have [Read the article]

Shadowrun: Anarchy – an Overview

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Dec 222016
Shadowrun: Anarchy - an Overview

It’s been a few months since Shadowrun: Anarchy’s release and now the hard copy is available as well. I got my hands on the PDF immediately after much anticipation. The game, which is rules-light, narrative focused, and set in the same rich Shadowrun setting, was the game I had been waiting for (for 25 years). This overview is going to be strange; it will be [Read the article]


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Oct 282016

“This ever happen to you, chummer?  It’s 4 a.m. and you find yourself in front of the SoyFroYoGo machine (again), choosing between pink-blue and orange-yellow (tan? really?).  It must be the Stuffer Shack.  Suddenly, the door’s AR chimes, and behind you enters a trio of Halloweeners, armed with all manner of ballistic beat-down.  Your finger finds the trigger of the sawed-off shotgun beneath your coat.