Oct 102016
DMing Monsters: Plants, Slimes, Molds, Jellies, and Puddings!

Most DMs don’t have many encounters with plant monsters, slimes, molds, and puddings. They’re oftentimes relegated to things that players stumble into like traps, side quests, and areas of heavy overgrowth. With a few simple solutions, they can easily take the spotlight…

Less Map, More Play

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Oct 032016
Less Map, More Play

Mapping out your campaign world and key locations can be a hassle, and that battle map that took hours to plot out might never get revisited.  Simpler maps work fine, are fast to make and get the creativity and improvisation juices flowing.  I’ll show you a few simple methods that will get you going in no time…

Sep 192016
Anticipation in your Games [mature]

Creating a sense of anticipation is a worthwhile technique no matter what genre or artistic vehicle you choose. However, this blog post is about erotic anticipation (I can get away with using the word “erotic” here because I haven’t gotten to the really sleazy parts yet). I’m talking about my own space opera RPG Alpha Blue, specifically. Although, any game can benefit from occasional titillation. [Read the article]

Combat Stunts for D&D Fifth Edition

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Sep 072016
Combat Stunts for D&D Fifth Edition

Combat in D&D is an abstract affair. It has been this way since day one. And, probably since day two, there were those who preferred a more concrete, blow-by-blow, experience, and came up with various house rules for making combat more detailed. This isn’t just a figure of speech; the Perrin Conventions, for example, suggested 10-second rounds and rules for knockback and knockdown in 1978. [Read the article]

Dramatic Combat

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Aug 292016
Dramatic Combat

Wouldn’t it be the bee’s knees if you could run a game session without those pesky non-fun moments?  I think so.  Actually, I know so!  That’s why I laboriously reinvented that thing that was already invented, and put it into words that are my own!   You see, it took many decades of alchemy, wizardry, and drunken dumbery to create, no, to manifest this knowledge! “Well [Read the article]

Aug 042016
On letting heroes be heroic...

A figure clad in heavy full plate overlooks a cliff. Below, the plague of orcs swarms toward yet another defenseless city. The figure’s companion, a thin young man sporting a bow on his back, walks up to the knight. “We should probably find a secluded way down. Don’t want the whole army to see us.” The figure remains fixed on the army. “You’re wrong. That’s [Read the article]

Jul 262016
The All-Star Player - bringing more to the game than just your character

In Misty’s last post, she talked about making all-star player characters. I’m going to talk about being an all-star player. I know, a lot of bloggers have posted their opinions on this topic many times over, but I’m not talking about simply being a better player in the game; I’m talking about bringing your A-Game – I’m talking about being that one player that everyone [Read the article]

An Adventure Template

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Jun 122016
An Adventure Template

[This template will be included in Universal Exploits, an upcoming supplement for Alpha Blue. Kickstarter happening now] Few Space Dungeon Masters out there are as free-wheeling as myself. I like to have a general idea of what’s going to happen or maybe a few key random tables at my fingertips, but that’s pretty much it. I don’t do much planning – especially for a “space [Read the article]

Jun 032016
Don’t just stand there — GM Something!

Are you frustrated with a lack of active games to join? I see a lot of players around the Internet in the same boat. I’ve been there too, and I’ll bet most roleplayers go through the same thing at some point in their lives. But the nice thing about roleplaying is the amount of power we have as a community and the tomes of resources [Read the article]

Sep 132015
Game Design - Wrestling with the Concept of Grappling

Let’s talk about the rules of Fight Club. Or rather, since we’re not supposed to talk about Fight Club, let’s talk about grappling rules in RPGs. Every game covers unarmed combat, which is often stated as the base damage you can inflict without adding weapon damage, but how to quantify and adjudicate grappling in games is either glossed over completely or wrapped up in a confusing [Read the article]