Feb 292012

The RPG Site of the Year contest is underway, and it’s time to start announcing the prizes!  We have several sponsors this time around all donating prizes, and right now we’re going to talk about one of them…

If you haven’t heard of Kobold Quarterly (and I’m sure you have), then you’d be missing out.  They’re a great RPG blog and gaming resource, and offer a fantastic print magazine.  In an effort to help  make the 2012 SOTY contest bigger than last year, as well as help reward the hard-working RPG bloggers out there, KQ has donated a very nice set of prizes:

A 1-year print subscription to Kobold Quarterly in the US, or a PDF subscription anywhere in the world. ($30)

A copy of the hardcover book “Complete Kobold Guide to Game Design” by Baur, Stackpole, Cook, Greenwood, etc. ($30)

A copy of the ultra-rare print edition of “Red Eye of Azathoth” for Call of Cthulhu ($100? Depends on whether you are a collector.)

I’d like to give a big thank you to Wolfgang Baur and everyone at Kobold Quarterly for sponsoring the 2012 RPG SOTY contest.  These prizes are sure to make the winning RPG blogger very happy!

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