Jan 052012
Playing with FATE - Using Resources

In the FATE system there is the Resource ability. The rules for Resource are very basic and, aside from purchasing goods, there does not seem to be many reasons to use it. The alternative to Resource is actually tracking money, so it’s nice that Strands of FATE stays consistent with the abstract nature of the game.  With a little creative thinking, Resource is a worthy [Read the article]

Nov 182011
Did you spend your Fate Points today?

One aspect of the FATE system is the ability to alter the course of your (or your opponent’s) dice roll. However, the Refresh Rate is once per session, and the players may be concerned that there might be one more challenge around the corner and thus, need that fate point. As a piece of advice, spend the point if you need to; don’t save it for what [Read the article]

Nov 022011

When a player in Strands of Fate (SoF) uses a character aspect to his advantage, or compels another’s character aspect against an NPC, he has a good feel for how to use the aspect and what to expect from that aspect. When using a zone aspect, perceptions change. The question becomes, “How do I use this zone aspect?” or “How come I can’t make the [Read the article]

Sep 092011

As a generic rule-set, Strands of FATE is a fully functioning game system lacking only two ingredients: (1) a creative gaming group, and (2) a setting in which to play. I can’t help much with the former ingredient, that’s up to you, but I can assist with the latter. Many of you out there who’ve picked up Strands of FATE (or any of the other [Read the article]

May 192011
Playing with FATE: Creating a Huge-Ass-Snake Monster

Welcome back to our Playing with FATE series. Being the GM of any game definitely has it’s rewards, but it also has it’s challenges.  A big part of those challenges includes working those creative muscles – specifically envisioning, designing, and implementing adversaries for your group.  Sure, this can also be a reward, which is why I’m enjoying writing this particular post.  Today, I’m going to [Read the article]

Mar 232011
Playing with FATE: Skills - Who Needs ‘em?!

As you’ve probably noticed, our gaming group’s preferred incarnation of the FATE system is Strands of Fate. SoF resembles other Fate games in many respects, but differs in its approach in a couple of ways, ways that I feel improve the Fate experience. Author’s Note: For a comparison of differences, click here. For me, the difference that really sets SoF apart from it’s contemporaries is [Read the article]

Mar 102011
Playing with Fate: Your "Specialty Aspects"

This part of character creation (in my opinion), is the fun part.  It’s where I get to personalize my character and really make him stand out.  I know, we thought we did that with both of the last two articles (here and here), but that just shows how cool Strands of Fate really is.  In this article, we continue with the second half of our [Read the article]

Feb 222011
Playing with Fate: Your “Character Aspects”

In Strands of Fate, most player characters are created with ten aspects. Wait a sec… Let me back up… If you aren’t familiar with Fate, here’s the 38-word rundown: Aspects are simple phrases that sum up everything that is important about your character. These phrases come into play quite often as a simple, major component of the game mechanic, while simultaneously explaining your character’s concept [Read the article]