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Brian Liberge is a father of one, living in Boston, MA. Introduced to AD&D at an early age, he’s continued to update with the editions, and new games. He loves home-brewed ideas, is honest to a fault, and thinks that ideas and mechanics should absolutely be shared between systems. With a B.S. Degree in Theatre Arts, a job in Information Technology, and a love of strategy gaming, he tries to bring the best of each into his new creations for StufferShack. Check out his latest book the Midgard Bestiary for 4e, available now. Profile Page / Article Portfolio

Feb 072014
3-D Man (Delroy Garrett) - Marvel Datafile

The Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Game may have been cancelled but there are lots of books still out there to be purchased and games to be played. The core of the system is also available in the Cortex Plus Hacker’s Guide. So with that in mind I’m preparing a few new Marvel Datafiles. First up is the 3-D Man. Delroy Garrett is the modern incarnation of [Read the article]

Dec 122013
PAX East Report - The Tabletop Effect

At PAX East 2012 they added a new small theatre called the Tabletop Theatre. It was different from the other panel rooms in that it was set up with actual tables, allowing people to run workshops. In addition to workshops, it had some Tabletop Gaming panels which often took in smaller crowds than the Video Game panels…

Agent 13 – Marvel Datafile

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Oct 302013
Agent 13 - Marvel Datafile

Sharon Carter is one heck of a woman. There’s no super soldier serum here, no cosmic rays, no mutation and no high tech suit. Everything she can do comes from her own human abilities. She’s one of SHIELD’s top agents, trained in combat, espionage and computers. She’s proved herself worthy of being the Director of SHIELD and even an Avenger, but she always falls back [Read the article]