Jun 212016
A "Who am I?" Quicksheet for memorable & unique characters

So I was hanging out over at Guild Master Gaming, and I saw that Daniel had posted “A Tip to Help Create Player Characters and Non-Player Characters.”  I liked the idea and whipped up a quick character trait sheet for my own games  You can hand this to players and tell them to fill it out as they desire, or you can use it for [Read the article]

Jan 192012
How to Tame your Dragon Mount

Riding dragons is one of those ultimate staples of fantasy, but tabletop gamers with a little experience may view it as unrealistic. Dragons are intelligent, proud and very powerful. It would be very difficult to convince one to serve as your mount for a short time, and likely require a very dire situation. To gain one as a companion seems practically impossible, not to mention [Read the article]

Dec 122011
Steal This Character: Alara'Zen vas Citadel nar Neema

Concept Quarian engineer. A bit about the quarians Quarians are a race of interstellar nomads, long since driven from their home planet by a race of Artificial Intelligence known as the geth, originally created by the quarians as a servant race. The quarians attempted to destroy the Geth when they became fearful of their creation’s growing intelligence, and the geth responded naturally to preserve their [Read the article]

Dec 052011

One of the reasons I opted to use Mutants and Masterminds 3e for my Mass Effect conversion is that it offers a very flexible set of tools that allow for a number of approaches to GMing, and particularly to building NPCs. Approach 1: The Detailed (“Official”) method M&M handles NPCs pretty much the same way it handles PCs, with a couple of differences: 1) NPCs [Read the article]