Adventure RPG for Kids 6-8 Years Old

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Dec 222015
Adventure RPG for Kids 6-8 Years Old

As a long-time gamer and a father of a six year old daughter, I’ve been wanting to introduce her to role-playing games for a long six years, and although I’ve tried a couple times rolling dice with her to decide where the story we’re telling goes, I hadn’t tried running an actual game for her and her friends, until now.

Arkham Halloween Free PDF Download

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Oct 122015
Arkham Halloween Free PDF Download

My favourite day of the year is Halloween and horror is my favourite RPG genre. So, it’s probably not surprising that I generally run something horror themed around Halloween. Very often, I create something original to run for Halloween. Last year I created Arkham Halloween, a scenario in which you play ten year olds on Halloween night, intent on investigating a creepy old guy and his [Read the article]

Jun 032011
Solo Trap: Rolling Boulder Gauntlet (steal this encounter)

Here’s another submission for Stuffer Shack – I guess it falls under Steal This Encounter. It’s a solo trap that I ran with great success in my own campaign. To make the best use of this encounter, it is being presented as a PDF.  There’s a lot of good info to help run this trap, including use of several obstacle/hazard stat blocks, and even a record of [Read the article]

May 312011
Negotiations at the Temple of Blood - Steal this Encounter

In an abandoned village, off a road rarely traveled, rests a temple forgotten by all but a select few. The temple was once a place dedicated to the gods of good and protection, and in such a small community, it served as the center of daily life. These days it only sees activity two nights a month. That is when the vampire lord Andragen conducts business. [Read the article]

May 032011
Brother Laurence of the Chizoba Sect - Steal this Major NPC (download)

Please welcome The Id DM, and his first submission at the Shack. Download the PDF: Brother Laurence of the Chizoba Sect History Long before being known as Brother Laurence, the man currently a pillar of the community, he was known by his birth name, Kayin Erslad. Kayin’s mother, Dina, stayed at home most of her life caring for her five children. Kayin’s father, Laurence, was a [Read the article]

Apr 292011
The Challenge of Asmodeus - Steal this Adventure (download)

It was three earthen years after Obad-Hai’s death, before any proper link was known to the infernal hells. Asmodeus, in his scheming, offered up the archdevil Levistus to take the fall. While the gods bickered among themselves as to the proper course of actions, more powers were drawn in, while others fell to hidden blades. The Divine War raged, they entered all the planes, and [Read the article]